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Spring is here!

What is your favourite thing about Spring?

What a beautiful Spring week, perfect for learning about Spring in Reception. Our week has been based around the story Hello Spring by Jo Lindley. We have explored the changes that happen through the seasons and identified how we know it is Spring. We all agreed that the sunshine, flowers and blossom were our favourite things about Spring.

The children represented their favourite things about Spring by painting still life pictures of daffodils with such skill and detail, producing some wonderful pictures and making blossom trees using tissue paper. They also thought about the flowers they liked in Spring time to make some beautiful gifts and cards for Mother's Day, but that will be a big surprise on Sunday. We are sure all the Mummies will love them.

The children used all their phonic skills to write their cards and to tell us 5 things they love about their Mummy. It was so lovely that cuddles and kisses topped the list for many but Mummy letting them have chocolate was not far behind!

In Maths we have explored repeating pattern in a variety of different ways. We made patterns using our friends, one standing, then sitting, standing, sitting or cardigan, jumper, jumper, cardigan. We then moved on to towers with Duplo and peg board patterns. Independently, the children used a picture of a garden and added their own repeating pattern using flowers. The children are fantastic at making quite complex patterns and being able to explain what that pattern is and, if there is a mistake, how to put it right.

Lots of our learning has taken place outside this week due to the beautiful weather and lots has involved exploring water, how to make stones go down a drainpipe using water, what happens when we water plants over and over and over again. Their exploration and investigation using water this week has been very complex and lots of lovely vocabulary learnt. It has also been wonderful to watch and support as they have used planks combined with our climbing structure to make their own slides and figure out how they can make a plank stable and secure to walk off when it's not supported. Some fabulous problem-solving and collaboration going on and some definite engineers in the making!