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Let's travel!

Which was your favourite place to visit with Emma-Jane, and why?

This week Reception children have been travelling the world in an aeroplane. We read the book 'Emma Jane's Aeroplane' by Katie Haworth. Every morning, all the children and staff boarded a plane and read the next part of the book to see where we were going to go that day. We looked at live cam footage of the different cities, where it was available, and sampled some local delicacies to celebrate our visit. First stop was London, then on to Paris. Next was Venice, then New York, Beijing and finally Sydney. The children loved our daily take-off and landing simulations. All the children made their own passports for the trips and wrote about their personal characteristics, such as eye and hair colour. They took some very serious passport photographs of each other. We have had some wonderful, closely observed paintings of the flags from the countries we visited. 

In Maths we have been looking at the properties of 3D shapes. We collected recycled materials in various shapes and sizes and used the cuboid boxes, cylindrical toilet rolls and other cartons to construct a variety of vehicles that we can use to travel both locally and around the world.