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The Dot - Peter H. Reynolds

Who has the biggest feet in your family, and how can you measure them?

This week the children in Reception have been reading The Dot, by Peter H Reynolds. Vashti does not think she can draw but, by showing that whatever she does is valued, her art teacher inspires her to take her 'dot' and do an even better one! So our theme for this week has been to have a go at anything and to realise that we 'can do' many things.  We have been creative with our own dots and even done some early chromatography, using coffee filters, felt pens and water. We are also thinking about our well-being and have enjoyed some Cosmic Yoga sessions. Thursday was Inclusion Day, so the children wore a rainbow of colours to school, and we talked about how different we all are but how everyone is important.

In Maths we have compared our heights, thought about how we can record our different heights and used blocks to measure and compare the length of our feet with our friends.