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St Nicholas and Chanukkah

Why does St Nicholas leave treats in our shoes?

Well Wow Reception! What a start to the week! On Tuesday, both classes took part in two Nativity performances in front of their parents and other family members. The children were amazing! Some learned lines, they all signed and sang songs, some played instruments, and they gave two beautiful performances to two very happy audiences, along with our Nursery classes. We are so proud of them. 

This week the children have been learning about two different celebrations. One is the festival of St Nicholas, which is celebrated in many European Countries and also by people from those Countries, who live here. We learned about the kindness and generosity of St Nicholas and how he secretly gave gifts to people who were in need. The children took part in the custom of cleaning a shoe and leaving it out by the door. They were very lucky because St Nicholas visited us and left a clementine and a chocolate coin for everyone.

We also learned about the Jewish festival of Chanukkah. We learned about a time, long, long ago when Jews were not allowed to celebrate their festivals. We heard how the Temple was smashed, but when it was restored, there was only enough oil to light the special everlasting lamp for one day. It took eight days to get more oil and the miracle of Chanukkah is that the tiny bit of oil lasted for the whole eight days. The children made colourful flame headbands and candles, and we all learned a Chanukkah song.