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Stick Man, Shapes and Reindeer

Week beginning 22 November 2021

Who does stick Man meet on his journey away from the Family Tree?

This week the Reception children have been Reading Stick Man by Julia Donaldson as one of their 3-a-Day stories. They have printed pictures of Stick Man using sticks and painted him with his Stick Lady love and his children. Copper Class had Forest School this week, where they made their Stick Men using real sticks, wool and googly eyes. The children have been writing their own books. Some of them chose to make a book about Stick Man and others made up their own stories. 

In Maths Reception have been learning about circles and triangles. They are learning to describe the attributes of shapes and compare them. Many shape pictures have been made using circles and triangles and, using iPads, the children took their own pictures of what they had made. We have looked at the work of Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky, who used a lot of circles and triangles in his work, and we are going to paint our own circles using some of his ideas.

On Thursday the children were able to see some reindeer that visited the school ahead of their long trip on Christmas Eve. They were enthralled by the reindeer and asked some good questions, such as: Can they sit down? Why do their legs bend backwards? and How do they fly?