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November Celebrations

Week beginning 1 November 2021

In Reception, children have been learning about two Celebrations that will take pace this week. One is Diwali, the Hindu festival that starts on Thursday. The children have been making Rangoli patterns using a variety of materials such as chalk, rice and felt pens, both inside and out. They have heard the story of Sita and Rama and learned that the word Diwali means ‘festival of light’. They have made diva lamps using clay, that will be decorated next week.  The second celebration is Fireworks night which falls on Friday. The children have talked about keeping themselves safe when around bonfires or fireworks. As can be seen on Instagram this week, they have used paints and salad spinners to create colourful firework pictures and they have been writing the letters of their names on fluorescent post-it notes to stick on rockets which are flying around our classrooms. 

In maths we have been learning about the numbers 1, 2 and 3. We have been matching images and grouping items to make the numbers. In Phonics the children have been revising all the sounds they learnt in the first half-term and have been continuing to blend them to read words. Lots of exciting activities and learning as always.