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My Name is Elizabeth

Week beginning 18 October 2021

What is special about your name?

Reception children have been learning about their names this week. We have read the book 'My Name is Elizabeth' by Annika Dunklee and heard all about why Elizabeth really loves her name. We have talked about how our names are important because they belong to us and when we make something, we can write out name on and everyone knows it is ours. The children have been putting the letters of their names in order using clothes pegs and following the letters of their names with small buttons and sequins. Then they have practised writing them in their neatest writing before posting them in a shiny box. At the end of the day, if the teachers could read the names, each child received a special sticker.

In Maths the children have been learning to recognise, make and describe simple repeating patterns using Duplo, natural materials - such as pine cones, conkers and sticks - and sticky coloured shapes. They have shown a great ability to explain their patterns and find things around the classroom to make new patterns.

In Forest School the children in both classes have used recycled metal tins with natural materials to create a bug hotel. We are going to put it in our outside area where we have a bug hotel made exclusively of wood. Over this year we are going to compare the two structures to see whether the different materials make and difference to the bugs that live in them and how well they live there.  

It has been an action packed first half-term with lots of new friendships made and new learning experienced. We are all very excited to continue our learning journey together after the holiday.