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Leaf Man

Week beginning 11 October 2021

This week The children in Reception have been looking at the changes that autumn brings. We read the book ‘Leaf Man’ and followed the journey of a lone leaf as it was blown across the landscape. Inspired by the illustrations, which are all made with leaves, they have collaged their own leaf men. As well as leaves, the children have been finding pine cones, conkers and many other things from nature, to add to our autumn trays. They have studied them through magnifying glasses and used them as a backdrop to their mini-me adventures.

In Maths we have been comparing things that are larger and smaller from different sized pine cones to large pieces of classroom furniture.

Outside, the children have been using real hammers to put golf tees into pumpkins and pliers to pull them out again. They have used tweezers to extract conkers from beneath a web of sticky tape and concocted many aromatic meals in the mud kitchen using a variety of ingredients while learning to follow a recipe.