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The Colour Monster

8 October 2021

Can you explain how you are feeling if you put your photo on green?

This week, in Reception we have been talking about our feelings and emotions. We have read The Colour Monster which has helped us to think about our feelings in relation to different colours. We have used a colour chart to move our photos onto different colours, so we can express how we are feeling throughout the day. We have created folded paper symmetry painting of The Colour Monster and used our cutting skills to create puppets of The Monster to retell the story.

In Maths we have been sorting objects and learning to talk about why some things match and others don’t match. We have been learning to describe the characteristics of objects and sort them into different groups based on those characteristics. 

Outside we have been putting things in water to see if they sink or float and talking about why that happens. We have also built some awesome dens using willow poles and tarpaulin. It has been another action packed week in Reception!