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Nursery: What different things can people do to celebrate Diwali?

In Nursery this week the children were all very excited to talk about the fireworks that they had seen over the weekend. We had lots of phonics fun trying to recreate firework sounds. We found out that some people use fireworks to celebrate Diwali and we have been learning about some of the other things that people can do to celebrate this festival. The children really enjoyed mixing ingredients to make their own salt dough and they could talk about how the ingredients changed when they were combined. The children then kneaded colours into the dough and moulded their own diva lamps. This was lots of exercise for our finger muscles! The children then decorated their diva lamps and we cooked them in the oven to make them go hard. Finally, we added a candle and they will look beautiful when they are lit and placed somewhere safe at home just like the candle from our focus story Little Glow.