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African Animals

What can you tell us about animals that live in Africa?

This week in Nursery, we have been continuing our topic of animals and talking about the continent of Africa and the animals we might see there. The children have learnt that there are seven continents of the world and focussed on the continent of Africa. We looked at different landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Sahara Desert. We also looked at the different animals that we would see in Africa such as lions, elephants, gorillas, wildebeests and the African spurred tortoise. We also had a visit from our school’s Hermann tortoise ‘Tilly.’ The children were able to ask Mrs. Cucharo all about what she eats and how to look after her. The children looked at the similarities and differences between Tilly and the larger African Spurred tortoises that they had learnt about.

The children have been using their fine motor skills to thread pasta onto pipe cleaners to make snakes and we have also been using our cooking skills to make cheese straw snakes. This week for maths we have spoken about 2D shapes and we have been using the key vocabulary (straight, flat, round, curved and sides) to describe the different shapes that we can find in our environment.