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Say Hello to the Snowy Animals

What animals live in the Arctic and Arctic?

This week in Nursery we have been continuing to find out about different animals. We have read the book 'Say Hello to the Snowy Animals' by Ian Whybrow. In this book we follow the husky through the snow and ice as he meets a polar bear, a seal, a caribou and an arctic hare. The children have enjoyed finding out about these animals and where they live. We have found out that lots of these animals have white fur to camouflage in the snow. The children have also enjoyed exploring real ice and experimenting to try and make it melt. For our Phonics learning we have been thinking about the initial phonemes for each of these animals and we have been practising our oral blending too. We have also made some bunting for our coronation celebration and begun to talk about what the coronation is and why it is happening. Next week we will continue to learn more about the coronation and the children will be encouraged to talk about their experiences of coronation celebrations.