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The Easter Story

Why do Christians celebrate Easter?

We have been learning about how and why Christians celebrate Easter.  We have been reading the Easter Story starting at Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Sunday.  On Monday the children all created their own palm leaves and this helped develop their cutting skills.  We then acted out the scene where Jesus rode his donkey into Jerusalem and the crowd celebrated by waving palm leaves.  On Tuesday we learnt about how Jesus had the last supper with his group of 12 friends.  We had bread and squash and learnt what they symbolised to Christians.  We also learnt why Jesus washed his disciples feet and the children enjoyed having their feet washed by their teachers.   We then read the story of the Angel and the Dove, where the dove saw the sad events of Good Friday but was happy again when Jesus arose on Easter Sunday.  The children made Easter gardens to help them remember the story.  They also made Easter nests and enjoyed 2 Easter Egg hunts.