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Sam's Sandwich

How can we make different colours?

This week in Nursery we have continued to think about food, where it comes from and how it is made. We have started to read a story called Sam's Sandwich. In this book Sam makes a sandwich for his sister, however, he sneaks in lots of disgusting rhyming ingredients and creepy crawlies. Next week we are going to make our own sandwiches, but I hope we don't add in any of the creepy crawlies! We have had lots of fun painting bread with milk and food colouring. We have been experimenting to mix the colours to see which colours we can make. When you put the bread in the toaster it dries the bread and makes the colours brighter. Of course, they have been fun to eat too. We have also been very busy making some secret cards Mother's Day. For our maths learning we have been finding different ways to make the numbers up to 4. For our phonics learning we have been practising orally blending the sounds in words, for example, can you touch your l-e-g.