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The Great Race by Emily Hiles

What happened to the animals when they had their race across the river?

In Nursery this week we have been learning all about the Lunar New Year and how it is celebrated in different Asian countries including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the festival is also celebrated in South Korea, Vietnam and amongst the large overseas Chinese communities in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The children have been learning all about the story of The Great Race by Emily Hiles. This lovely rhyming book details the race that the animals had to see who they were going to name the new year after. The children have been retelling the story on our stage using the animal masks. We have also been mark making in glitter to try and write some mandarin numerals and develop our pen control. The children also wrote their own secret messages to put inside the fortune cookies that they made. Each child thought really carefully about the message that they wanted to portray through their marks. We also enjoyed a Lunar new year celebration where the children got to taste different Chinese food. For our maths learning we have started to learn all about the number 1.