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Little Glow by Katie Sahota

What special things can people do to celebrate Diwali?

Wow! We have had a very busy week in Nursery. We have continued to find out more about transport following the children's interest. We have made our own bus in our outdoor area and the children had lots of fun taking it in turns to be the bus driver and going on different journeys. They also made different tickets thinking about the marks they were making to show the bus driver where they wanted to go. Our bus even had a bonnet that we could lift up to look at the battery inside and of course a petrol cap so we could fill it with petrol to move. We also read a book called 'I Wish I Were a Pilot' by Stella Blackstone, through this book the children are learning the vocabulary to explain who operates different types of transport e.g. the pilot flies the plane, the train driver drives the train and the sailor sails the boat.

Lots of the children were also very excited to talk about the fireworks that they had seen at the weekend. We have been reading a story called 'Little Glow' by Katie Sahota which is all about a candle flame that sees lots of different celebrations based around light. We have been thinking about Diwali and some of the ways it can be celebrated. We watched a clip of a girl called Jessica and found out all about how she decorated her house for Diwali and how she celebrated; we saw that she watched a firework display too. We have been making Rangoli patterns with chalk and by sticking shapes onto paper, the children drew different Mehndi patterns onto paper hands and then at the end of the week they really enjoyed using face paints to draw Mehndi patterns on their hands. We also tasted some vegetable samosas.