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Take One Picture-Pirates

What different things did we see in the painting?

This week in Nursery we have joined the rest of the school in the 'Take one Picture' project from the National Gallery. Primary teachers across the country are invited to put one painting from the National Gallery collection at the heart of their curriculum. This year they have chosen the painting Shipwreck in Stormy Seas 1772 by Claude  -Joseph Vernet. On Monday, we looked at the painting and the children all thought that the boats were pirate ships. We also listened to a sound clip and heard all the different elements from the painting. This was a good opportunity for the children to show off their Phase 1 phonics learning. The children correctly identified a thunderstorm, rain, a dog barking, bells and people shouting. We have had lots of fun making large pirate ships and pirate accessories. For our final piece we will be taking a photograph of the children in their ships with their pirates treasure but we are having so much fun we are going to continue with this project next week!