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Oliver's Vegetables

How do different vegetables grow?

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story of Oliver's vegetables. In this story Oliver says that he only eats chips. When he visits his Grandparent's house he sees Grandpa's garden where he grows all of his own vegetables. Grandpa explains that if Oliver wants chips he needs to find potatoes. Each day Oliver has to pull up one of the growing vegetables to try and find the potatoes. Grandpa explains that whichever vegetable he pulls he has to taste it. Oliver discovers that he likes peas, beetroot, cabbage and rhubarb. We have been talking about lots of different vegetables that we can try and thinking about why they are good for us. We have been growing our own cress to eat and using carrots to make marks in glitter. We have also looked at an artist called Arcimboldo who made his pictures using different fruits and vegetables. The children have made some of their own pictures inspired by his work.