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10 Little Superheroes

What activities do you do in the morning? What activities do you do at nighttime?

This week in nursery we have been reading the story of 10 Little Superheroes by Mike Brownlow. The children have enjoyed finding out about the different heroes and the bad guys. They have been discussing the different powers and skills that they both have. The children have used their own faces to turn themselves into superhero puppets. They have thought about the different superpowers and tools that they would like to use to help others. They have also been making superhero masks and shields. They have all been exercising in our lovely outside area to develop their super-strength and co-ordination. They have been making their own obstacle courses and challenging each other to complete them. We have also been writing secret symbols using white crayon on white paper, that can only be read when we paint over them. For our Maths learning we have been thinking about our day, we have discussed the events that we do in the morning and events that we do at nighttime. The children have also created their own timetables to sequence these events. For our Phonics learning the children are continuing to practise their oral blending skills.