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Superheroes in school

If you could have a superpower what power would you have? How would you use your power to help other people?

This week in Nursery, we read the story of Superkid by Claire Freedman and Sarah McIntyre. Superkid is an ordinary child who looks like everyone else. However, when he sees a child that needs help he turns into Superkid and helps them. We have been thinking about how we can help each other. We have also been thinking about other people who help us in our school community. The highlight of our week was when Yippy came to visit and told us all about her job as a Lollipop Lady. We learnt that Yippy is there to help all the children cross the road every day! The children learnt how to cross the road safely and we learnt all about how Yippy's uniform and lollipop help to keep her safe on the road. The children asked Yippy lots of questions and they were very excited when they found out that that men can be Lollipop People too. The children each had a turn of holding Yippy's lollipop stick and we were surprised to find out how heavy it is. The children have all created puppets to turn themselves into superheroes and we have been making our own Superhero stories. For our Maths learning we have been exploring the properties of shapes.