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If I Built a School by Chris Van Dusen

What would you like to build in our school?

Wow! What a week of excitement in Nursery this week. Many of you will have seen that the building work has started in our Nursery outside area and the highlight of our week was watching lots of the big pieces of play equipment being craned over the fence. The children have been fascinated watching the 'real builders' and this has enabled us to talk about teamwork. We have been reading the book 'If I Built a School' by Chris Van Dusen in which a boy uses his imagination to design a magnificent school with a zoo, flying cars and a playground with a zip line, a swimming pool and other fun elements. The children have used this as inspiration to design what they would like to be added to our outside area. They have drawn some lovely pictures to show the builders what they would like and they have been making 3D models too. They have also been making purposeful marks and creating signs using symbols to make sure the builders are being safe. For our Maths learning we have been thinking about and using the vocabulary of size. We have talked about how important it is for builders to measure objects to make sure that they make things the correct size to fit into a space. Some of the children have also attempted to measure objects using unfix cubes.t for your news story here.