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Mad About Dinosaurs

What is your favourite dinosaur and why?

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story 'Mad About Dinosaurs' by Giles Andreae. The children have all enjoyed finding out lots of facts about different dinosaurs. On Tuesday we arrived in Nursery to find that a very large egg had appeared. The children were all really excited and drew pictures to predict what might be inside. They were all very good at assigning meaning to their marks. We then arrived on Wednesday to find that the egg had cracked. Luckily we had video footage that showed a pterosaur flying around the Nursery. This inspired some of the children to draw a map to try and find out where it had gone. The children were all very imaginative and used play dough to invent their own dinosaurs. In our Phonics sessions we have been focusing on alliteration and the children have all been finding objects that begin with the same initial phoneme as their name.