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Merry Christmas

What has been your favourite Christmas celebration at school?

This week the Nursery children have really enjoyed joining in with our Christmas festivities. We have been using green play dough to make our own Christmas trees and the children have decorated them beautifully. They have also been using their knowledge of repeating patterns to make decorative candy canes with pipe cleaners and beads. We have been reading the story Shhhh! by Julie Sykes. In this story lots of animals have to remind Santa to be quiet so he doesn't wake up the children. The children were very excited when we had a visit from the man himself and this inspired some lovely art.  The children have been decorating Santa's beard by dropping primary colours onto it and seeing what colours they can make. We finished the week with a lovely Christmas party and our class elves delivered some new toys for Nursery! The children were very excited and can't wait to play with them in January.