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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

What is your favourite part of preparing for Christmas?

With cold weather in the air and Christmas wishes in our hearts we have started to dream of a white Christmas. We got impatient waiting for the real thing, so the children in Nursery have enjoyed making their own snow to play in. It is incredible what you can do with a bit of hair conditioner and some cornflour! The children had a lovely time exploring the textures and making their own snow scenes. They were also very good at explaining the changes that they saw in the ingredients whilst it was being made. The children have been busy decorating our tree each day and making their own Christmas decorations. They have been developing their fine motor skills by cutting their own strips of paper to make paper chains. They have also been able to use their maths knowledge to make repeating patterns on baubles. We have enjoyed sharing the story 'Twas the night before Christmas' and the children have all enjoyed talking about how they prepare for Christmas at home. At the beginning of the week we were very proud of all the children as they performed 'Our First Nativity' to their families. They all remembered the signs and words to all the songs and danced with confidence, gifting their families with memories to last a lifetime.