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This is Our House by Michael Rosen-21/10/21

Can you describe yourself and a friend? What is similar about you and them and what is different?

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story of ‘This is Our House’ by Michael Rosen. In this story a little boy called George is playing in a house made out of a large cardboard box. Lots other children try to come and play in the house, but George makes up excuses to explain why they can’t come in e.g. ‘It’s not for girls,’ ‘It’s not for small people,’ ‘It’s not for twins.’ Our children in Nursery were able to talk about why this wasn’t fair. In the end of the story George leaves the box to go to the toilet and everyone else plays in the house happily together. When George returns he realises that the house can be for EVERYONE! The children have enjoyed making their own houses out of large boxes to share with each other. We have been talking about all the Nursery resources that we have that are for everyone. We have also been collaging self-portraits and looking in the mirror carefully to see what we look like. We have been thinking about things that are similar between us and things that are different. For example, we may have the same colour eyes as our friends but different colour hair. We have learnt that it doesn't matter if we are different because we all belong together at Dorchester Nursery.