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Bee Kind

What can you do to be kind to somebody else?

This week in Nursery we have been learning to be kind to others. We have read a couple of different stories to help the children to develop their understanding of kindness. The first book we read was called 'We are kind and helpful' by Donna Luck. In this story Elsa Elephant doesn't think about the feelings of the other animals in her class; she runs into them, pushes in when they are lining up, stands on their coats and scarves if they are on the floor, and she knocks over the fantastic models that the other animals have made. The children were very good at emphasising with how the other animals would have felt and they were very pleased when Elsa learnt how to be kind and help others. We have introduced a kindness jar in Nursery and the children now receive a special 'Bee Kind' (bee) sticker and get to put a little bee into the kindness jar if we see them being kind and helping one another. The children are also starting to nominate other children for a sticker when they are being kind to them.