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Nursery News

It is very busy in our Nursery classes.  On this page you can keep up with everything that is going on, see all the different ways our children learn and have a look at their amazing work.

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  • Superhero Dad by Timothy Knapman

    Published 15/06/23

    What are your Dad's superpowers? 

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  • Superheroes Unite!

    Published 09/06/23

    What is your superpower and how do you help people?

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  • Ten Rules of Being a Superhero

    Published 26/05/23

    What is your superpower?

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  • African Animals

    Published 19/05/23

    What can you tell us about animals that live in Africa?

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  • King Charles III's Colourful Coronation

    Published 12/05/23

    What was your favourite part of the coronation?

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  • Say Hello to the Snowy Animals

    Published 05/05/23

    What animals live in the Arctic and Arctic?

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  • Happy Eid

    Published 28/04/23

    What are the different ways that Eid is celebrated?

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  • Farmyard Hullabaloo

    Published 21/04/23

    What animals live on the farm? Can you remember what some of the bay animals are called?

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  • The Easter Story

    Published 31/03/23

    Why do Christians celebrate Easter?

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  • Yummy Sandwiches

    Published 24/03/23

    How do you make a sandwich?

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  • Sam's Sandwich

    Published 17/03/23

    How can we make different colours?

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  • Oliver's Fruit Salad

    Published 10/03/23

    What is your favourite fruit and why?

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