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Year 4

How did life change for the Celts after the Roman Invasion?

A week of two highlights!  The first was the amazing day we spent at Butser Ancient Farm on Tuesday.  The weather was glorious which made all our outdoor learning so much more fun.  We experienced a Celtic roundhouse as it would have been; we crushed chalk and made clunch to build a wall for a new roundhouse.  We put our best building skills to use making part of a 'wattle and daub' wall.  We even sat on a Roman toilet!  We all came back exhausted but happy.

We have continued working on the Barnabus Project book, concentrating on our descriptive skills using expanded noun phrases.  In maths we have been choosing the most efficient methods for addition and subtraction.

And now onto the second highlight - a geography based day where we travelled to Italy, Japan and The Philippines to look at the physical and human geography of all three countries.  We have tasted food, painted cherry blossom and built a village.  We look forward to sharing our learning with you next week.