At Dorchester Primary School we are on a journey to provide a mastery approach within our teaching of Mathematics. This means that children are given opportunities to master maths topics, developing a deep, long-term and secure understanding of each topic taught.

Here is what some of our children say they enjoy about maths lessons!

  • “I enjoy the challenge questions because then I try new things and there are loads of solutions to figure out the answer”
  • “Learning new things and failing so I can keep on trying and so I know what I need to work on”
  • “Challenging myself”
  • “That it is all patterns”

Below you will find links to:

  • Our maths policy;
  • Our calculation policy which outlines the key stages when children learn to add, subtract, multiply or divide;
  • Yearly overviews for each year group. Years 1-6 are based on the Power Maths textbook scheme, a scheme approved by the government in 2018;
  • A vocabulary progression document showcasing the mathematical terminology used within each year group.
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