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Year 3/4 news 5/11/21

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This week, we have started our new book called 'Escape from Pompeii' and have explored the language used. We have also applied this new knowledge by using powerful verbs and fronted adverbials to help us write our own sentences about the eruption of Vesuvius. In Geography, we continued with this theme and used Google Maps and Google Earth to locate volcanoes from all around the world. We noticed that most of the volcanoes lay along the edges of the tectonic plates! In Science, we have been learning about the water cycle as part of our 'States of matter' topic. We learned about evaporation, condensation and precipitation. In Maths, we have been finishing our addition and subtraction unit and have been using our new skills to help us solve a range of word problems. In PSHE, we have learned about the word discrimination, what it means to discriminate against someone and why it is wrong. We also covered this in our picture news assembly this week too!