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Ten Rules of Being a Superhero

What is your superpower?

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story 'Ten Rules of being a Superhero' by Deb Pilutti. We have learnt that superheroes help people but there are lots of other things that they need to do too. Saving the day can be messy, but superheroes need to clean up the mess after them. Superheroes need to use their powers for good and they need to eat healthy food to keep up their energy. They also need to rest to re-charge. Superheroes are not brave all of the time and we can all have different superpowers like being friendly or funny or having a good imagination. The children have all been thinking about their own superpowers. The children were all very upset when they found out that the Green Goblin had taken their favourite Spiderman toy so they have all written some fantastic letters (using very meaningful marks) to ask for him to be returned. They have also been practising their name writing to let the Green Goblin know that they all want the Spiderman toy back. For our Maths learning we have been using resources to find out what 1 more than a number is. The children have been using this knowledge to unlock padlocks to rescue their favourite toys. We are all looking forward to our Superhero day after half term where we can all use our superpowers to help each other.