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Superhero Day

What has been your favourite part of our Superhero topic?

Today in Nursery we celebrated Superhero Day. The children all came in dressed as their favourite superheroes. These included fictional superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man, Flash, Super girl, Iron Man and Wonder Woman. However, we also included some real life superheroes who help us in our everyday lives. We had Chefs, Doctors, "Bin Men," Vets and Firefighters. We shared lots of Superhero stories and then we had to save the day! Lots of Evil Peas were hidden in the Nursery and it was our mission to catch them. Our Superheroes found them and made their own jails to keep them trapped. The children were very good at using their positional language to describe where they had found the Evil Peas e.g. "outside, behind the books, in the box" etc. Many of the children even made their own Super Veggies to take home. We worked together as a team to make 'Super Smoothie Serum' to help us to stay big and strong. The children all thought of healthy foods that we could include, but we decided to make fruit smoothies. This was a fantastic end to our recent Superhero Topic where we have explored different types of superheroes through a variety of stories. It also proved what we know. Our Nursery children here at Dorchester are all Super!