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Sam's Sandwich

What is your favourite sandwich filling and why?

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story of Sam's Sandwich by David Pelham. In this story Sam helps his sister Samantha to make a sandwich. Samantha is very excited to be able to choose a variety of fillings for her sandwich by herself. She selects lots of lovely ingredients like lettuce leaves so crisp and green, big tomatoes red and round, yummy cheese and nice salami. However, Samantha doesn't know that her brother also adds some extra things without her knowing including big black ants, a wriggly worm, a small tadpole and a slimy slug. The children have all found this book hilarious and we have been talking about things which are healthy to eat and things that are not. The children have all been very busy using purposeful marks to create shopping lists for the items that they would like to use to make a sandwich. Their shopping lists were so fantastic that we decided to buy the ingredients and they have all shown very good fine motor skills when making sandwiches by themselves. The best bit was of course eating them! For our maths learning we have been learning all about the number 4 and how it is made. For our Phonics learning we have continued to look at rhyming words and the children have made some super rhyming sandwiches with ingredients such as trees and bees and ham and jam.