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Lost and Found-Oliver Jeffers 14/10/21

Who are your friends in Nursery? Why are they good friends?

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. In this story a little boy finds a penguin who is very sad. He thinks the penguin must be lost and tries to help him by taking him back to the South Pole. However, when he leaves the penguin there he notices that he is then really sad. In fact the penguin was lonely and when the little boy and the penguin are reunited they both become good friends. We have based lots of our learning around this story and have had lots of fun making our own penguins to remind us of the story. We have been thinking about who our new friends are and why they are good friends. The children have all used the Ipad cameras to take photographs of their friends to add to our penguin display. We have also been finding out about animals that live in cold places and have even had to experiment with different ways to rescue animals who were frozen in the ice. We have also painted with frozen paint! For our Maths learning we have been learning to sort objects and explain how we have sorted them.